New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workout? I think not.

February 1st: 5am wakeup. Totally said rabbit rabbit rabbit this morning, on the toilet! Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Leftovers from the other night (huge tupperware of rice, chicken, broccoli, onions and yellow squash) for lunch. Another day down of work. Though the highlight of today was my co-worker and I found a major safety violation. A contract worker up on a ladder on the catwalk without being tied off above him (didn't have a harness on either). Took the appropriate measures for the situation. Luckily it was his first day of his apprenticeship. He received a slap on the wrist and was not kicked off site. It was a fairly intense situation, but was handled professionally. Worked an extra 1/2 hour to type up my daily safety walk (DSW) report. Home to relax before out the door at 4:30pm for a "nice easy jog."

Mad early start so mostly daylight. Sported just shorts and a long sleeve. Woohoo! 10.8 miles (71:10). 6:35 pace overall with the last 2 miles in 11:44 (5:59,5:45). Solid effort and with a scheduled day off tomorrow due to an informal work gathering, it felt rewarding to finish the run quick.

Rest of the night was the normal routine. Whey protein shake, ice, shower, Big Bang Theory, dinner, and bed early. My best runs have come when I eat 5-6 Oreos roughly 20-30 minutes prior. Secret fuel guys! Better than any Gu packets or Accelerade. Worth a shot!

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