New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nonstop Day

February 14th: 5am wakeup. Bowl of cereal. Leftover meatloaf packed for lunch. Sported the dark purple Land's End polo for work. Work was pretty easy, but out of there at 4. Left at the same time as Goupil. The only thing that kept me going the rest of the day and overtime was these homemade brownies with chocolate frosting. Delicious! Home to basically get ready for my run and out the door at 4:45ish. 11 miles (78:12). Felt good. Quads still a little sore, but happy with how I felt. Hit up the trails and made a big loop. Soft terrain was heaven to the legs. Back to make a tasty dinner. Porkchop breaded with egg and crumbled up Ritz crackers, angel hair pasta, and yellow squash. Pow! Relaxed and watched Big Bang Theory. Oh, and FaceTimed with my sister Sarah.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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