New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy Day

February 24th: 5am wakeup. Cereal for breakfast. Finished off the cold cuts for lunch. Work 6am-2:30pm. Another quick day at work. Home to just sit/relax until Goupil came home. Unfortunately it was raining throughout the day and pouring at some points. We had to make the big decision on when to run without getting drenched. We left just after 5pm and it worked out fairly well. A little drizzle in the first mile and stayed pretty light for the rest of the run. 7 miles (45:57). Cruised right through it. Home to chill and eventually make dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. Leftovers for Sunday night because I won't feel like preparing anything after the race. Dozed off on the couch while watching television from 9:30-10. Goup woke me up and told me to go to bed. I complied. Ready to sleep in on a Saturday. Woohoo!

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