New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Double Day

February 18th: 8am wakeup. 3 mile (21:15) shakeout with Goupil before starting the day of intense relaxing. Ate some breakfast. Kimber was in the mood for hard boiled eggs. I just had a bowl of Go Lean with a dribble of maple syrup over the top. The next 4-5 hours consisted of watching tv, laundry in the apartment complex, some quality conversation before hitting the track for a short workout.

Drove to the track. Kimber ran easy while we warmed up 3+ miles (23:00) While we did the workout, Kimber did some strides and drills before heading back the mile to the apartment. Workout was more for Goupil's benefit to get some turnover before next weekend. The workout was 6x400 with 200 rest. I paced Goupil through the first 200 meters of the first 3 intervals. The next 3 intervals I paced either through 300 or the full interval. Solid workout at 4:40 pace. 2.5+ mile (18:51). 9 mile total and 12 for the day.

Home to shower and decide dinner. Kimber was craving fried rice so we splurged on Chinese food at the East Wok Restuarant next to Hannafords. Kimber ordered the sweet and sour chicken. I ordered pork lo mein with a side of crab rangoon. While we waited, we picked up "What's Your Number?" Glad we only paid $1.28 with Redbox. Relaxed the rest of the night. I gave Kimber the futon (my bed) and I slept on the floor in the sleeping bag. The twin sized futon didn't work Friday night because I sprawl out when I sleep. Kimber eventually moved to the floor at some point, then to the couch. I felt bad. She can be picky when it comes to her sleeping arrangements :) After spending a summer in the woods, nothing bothers me.

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