New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Unspoken Holiday

February 6th: 5:10am wakeup. Poured a bowl of cereal. Noticed the milk was just ever so slightly a different color and consistency. No chunks, but just didn't taste right. Instead I went with yogurt and granola. Packed up my lunch (double decker PB & nutella) and out the door at 5:35am. Two guys not at work so it was a slow day overall. Out of there at 2:30pm and to Da Choppa (Price Chopper) for groceries. Bought a bunch of veggies and meat for lunches and dinners.

As I waiting at the stoplight, an old man was in the turning lane to the left of me. The light turned green and I proceeded straight. Nothing from the old man. He had fallen asleep (I could see in my side view mirror) in the maybe 20-30 seconds we were sitting at the red light. Someone honked behind him and he sorta floored it and made the turn through the busy 4 way intersection. Just wow. Safely returned back to the apartment to change for a run with Derrick and Goupil at 4:45pm.

9.5+ miles (69:39). Kept it easy and the quads were a bit sore. Felt way better than I thought. Jumped out of bed this morning with no soreness, but the soreness did slowly set in through the day, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Tortilla burger and home fries for dinner. Hit the spot. Bed early. Almost completely kicked out any sickness that trying taking over me the past few days. No lost days of training.

And the Giants are champs! Worth staying up for the game and being able to sleep soundly last night.

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