New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Funday

February 19th: 8am wakeup. Crawled onto the futon with Kimber for a bit before getting up to eat breakfast. Goupil and I were in no rush for our run so we waited until the afternoon. I made Bisquick Belgium waffles for breakfast. Kimber and I topped it with a thin spread of Nutella and some maple syrup (the real stuff of course). After breakfast, we decided to get our intake of vitamin D and do a little window shopping. I purchased a travel mug, hot pepper jelly, and anti-fungal medicine for my toes. Kimber gave me a calf massage before she left, then she departed for Connecticut at 2:30pm. Goupil and I watched the rest of the Knicks game, then we scooted out the door for a run. Classic out and back run. Goupil had to make a bio break at 5 miles at the apartment. I jogged around for a mile. Back on the road for another 5 miles. Just shy of 11 total (76:01).

76 miles for the week. Down week this upcoming week with one workout and DH Jones 10 miler in Amherst, Mass on Sunday. Should be a blast with a bunch of competition.

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  1. Nice week. I'll see you at DH J. I'm recovered from my cold. Now I just feel out of shape. It'll be good to see you guys.