New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grease Monkey

February 21st: 4:50am wakeup. Bathroom first thing as usual. Chicken quesadilla for lunch. Made it after I made my dinner last night. I was pretty pumped for it all day. Work 6:00am-2:30ish. My car had been running a little rough in the morning, mostly on turns. I noticed yesterday on my way home from work. I decided to do something about it. I had a feeling my Subaru Outback was low on power steering fluid. Picked some up at Target. Checked it out in the apartment parking lot. Fo sho! It was mad low. Checked the rest of the fluids and noticed the antifreeze was low as well. Drove over to the Walmart. Grabbed Gatorade and finger/toe nail clippers as well. Passed Goupil through the stoplight right by our apartment. We waved to each other, obviously. It was awesome. Finished working on my car, like the man I am.

Out the door at 5:30ish for a easy run. 8.5 miles (62:26). Out and back route. Nice to go less than 10 on a weekday. Foam rolled and sticked my legs like crazy. Showered with 3 sets of 15 calf raises with the hot water directly on em.

Tortilla burger for dinner. Big Bang Theory cuz I'm slightly obsessed. Bed early to rest up the legs for tomorrow's workout and the weekend and just in general.

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