New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pete Thomas Workout

February 13th: Tough to wakeup. 5am. Shower and shave. Breakfast. Packed a lunch. Normal day at work. Some flurries on the way over. Out at 3:15pm. Washed some dishes, dressed for the run, foam rolled and threw on the calf sleeves for some additional warmth. Run with Derrick. Classic loop, but this time we peeled off to stop at the Chen High School track for a paced mile. Goupil tried talking us out of it. I held my ground and convinced him to tough it out. Surprised myself with a 4:56 (2:30, 2:26). Sore quads going in, but I almost zoned out and reverted back to my college days. The mile felt smooth. Jogged back to the apartment to make it 10+ (70:22). Meatloaf for dinner. Bed early for a Tuesday day of work. Yessss!

Pete Thomas would be proud.

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