New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Travel Day

February 25th: 6am wakeup? Yeah, I think so. In a bit of a routine. Tried to go back to sleep, but I had to do number 2. So I just got out of bed. Breakfast at 6:30am. Laid on the couch and watched Sportscenter. Packed up, emptied the recycling, made my bed, and out the door at 8:30am. Jammed out to the new playlist on the ride over. Fyffe's house at 10:30am for an easy 5 mile run. Turned out to be 6 miles (40:37). Some hills and snowy roads. Solid run. Relaxed in Putney, Vermont (Fyffe's house) for the day by eating pizza, mozzarella sticks, Ritz cracker, parmesan cheese goldfish, Gatorade, and a Shirley temple from a bottle. Fyffe's wife didn't like it so I grabbed it. Played wii bowling and took me a few games to get back to my usual killer spin throw. Started killing it. Dinner at The Marina in Brattleboro with Ferenc (and girl), Fyffe (and wife), Boj and Goupil. Bacon, chicken and cheese melt sandwich. Pretty tasty. Great to just sit down and talk nonsense with the guys. Back to the Swanzey lake house for the night. DH Jones 10 miler tomorrow in Amherst, Mass. Gonna be a fun one.

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