New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Work It Out

February 16th: 5am wakeup. Bowl of cereal. Watched the highlights of the Knicks. Linsanity! I'm a Knicks fan when they're good. More like I watch the NBA when the person I live with watching NBA (example Jared). Off to work. We had most of our day filled with meetings. We checked out the catwalks in the morning. Walked with the head of EHS and M+W and some contractor's safety reps. The afternoon was a toolbox talk and a PTP refresher. Went out for a beer with the safety team after work down the road. Home after a bit to workout with Goupil in the terrible weather.

Drove to the track to keep our extra clothes dry and avoid running on the main road in the rough conditions. 3+ mile warmup (22:24). Goal was 3x1000, 4x400, and possibly 4x200. We started our workout at 5:50pm so we pretty much cut out the 4x200.

1000 (3:06), 400 rest, 1000 (3:04), 400 rest, 400 (75 because I had to stop and poop), 1000 (3:05), 400 rest, 400 (73), 200 rest, 400 (71), 200 rest, 400 (70), 200 rest, 400 (70). 3+ mile cooldown (23:30). 10.5 for the day.

The bathroom break threw me off a bit and the beer I could feel a bit. Happy with the workout considering eveything that went down. Showered up. Big Bang Theory. New episode. Quesdilla for dinner. Bed at some point.

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