New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Like Magic

February 4th: 8am wakeup. 10+ hours of sleep. Well rested. Just stuffy in the morning. No sore throat. Relaxed until Goupil was up at 9am. Out the door for a morning run. Almost 6 miles (44:20). Took it easy and cleared the sinuses with some snot rockets. Back to shower and relax until hitting up the laundromat at 1ish. Grabbed some mucinex at the store. Checked out Verizon Wireless for a new phone. Nothing special out there.

Another run at 4:45pm. 5+ (38:06) with Goupil. 11 for the day. Tomorrow is the lowkey 10 miler in Albany. Still deciding. I think I will go either way. Its only 5 bucks and I can run as fast as I want. We will see how I feel in the AM.

I cannot wait to go to bed tonight. Gargling apple cider vinegar is the home remedy. Swear by it.

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