New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend of Awesomeness

January 25th: Standard day. Cereal for breakfast. Work 8am-4:30pm. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Potato chips. Banana. Home by 5pm. Relaxed. 5+ miles (39:18) in the cold and snowy weather at 6:30pm. Back to stretch, foam roll and defrost my beard.

Ice crystals.

Chicken, pasta and veggies for dinner at 9pm. Bed by 11ish.

Nightstand, where all my important documents are located (either on top or within the shoe boxes)

January 26th: 7am wakeup. Back to bed until 8:30am. Bathroom. Goupil was all set to run with the Willow Street guys at 9am from Derrick's house. I changed and off we went to Malta. 12 miles (84:xx) with a good group of guys (8 total). It was supposed to be an out and back 10-12 miler. We almost went 16, but everyone had there eye on the time. Turned around at 7 miles and took a shorter way back to make it 12.

Back to Clifton Park for a shower, bowl of cereal with the remaining milk and packed a small bag for travel to Mass/NH. Over to the bank and Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Everything bagel with veggie cream cheese. Two donuts (glazed and double chocolate with sprinkles). Dark hot chocolate with whipped cream. Drove to Lowell to meet up with Brandon and Mel to carpool down to BU.

Arrived with time to spare to watch the elite mile with Galen Rupp in the race (2012 Olympic silver medalist in the 10,000 meters). It was epic and words can't describe it. Witnessed a 3:50.92 mile. Unbelievable. Saw some of the Keene guys and jetted soon after for grub.

Out to Applebee's for dinner. Chicken fajita wrap with onion rings. Brownie bite for dessert.

Back to Brandon and Mel's apartment to watch some television before hitting the road north to Barrington, NH around 8ish.

Chilled at Goup's house for the night. Bed by 12am.

January 27th: 9:30am wakeup. Downstairs for a monster breakfast. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausage and strawberries. Digested and over to TJ Maxx to find some deals. As I was scrummaging through last week to find my insurance cards, I found a Visa gift card from my sisters and Dom for my 23rd birthday. Sweetness!

Back to the house to change up for a long run. Out the door for 15+ miles (1:41:32) around 1:15pm. Stopped at 5 miles to use the bathroom behind a power line cage on the side of the road. Chilly in the shade and windy towards the end of the run. All in all, it felt great to run long outside and finish up the week strong.

Back to stretch, stick the legs and shower. Watched Hit and Run while eating dinner with Goup's family. Left around 6pm to make the trek back to NY. Stayed awake the whole time. So proud of myself.

50 miles with 2 days off. Happy with the mileage with the weather not being super cooperative. A couple more weeks until the weather truly starts to warm up and the New England Grand Prix begins. One more shot at the mile in a couple weeks.

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