New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quality Over Quantity

December 31st: Slept in. Normal breakfast. Vegged out most of the day. Day off from running. Bob's cousin came over in the evening to head out to dinner with Sarah, Bob, and I (as well as celebrate New Year's Eve).

Mezcal's for guacamole (3 different kinds), tacos (beef, chicken, and veggie), and margaritas (skinny ones and I had to add agave to sweeten it). Good time all around. Off to Choptix for Mai Thais. It must of been 80's throwback night (aka middle aged people partying it up with the live band and dance floor). Very entertaining for us to people watch. Over to Deven's Grill for New Year's Eve. 15 minutes to spare. Chilled there until closing. Dance party in the cab ride back and more clubbing back at the house. I was DJ Noodles (local radio station celebrity) for the night.

January 1st: Slept in. French toast with my sister's homemade cinnamon swirl bread (omg it was ridiculously good). Relaxed on the couch for most of the day. Leftover pork tenderloin sandwiches around 2pm (Sarah makes the best sandwiches). Run with Sarah and Bob at 4ish. Bob turned for 3.5 and Sarah and I continued to make it 7 miles (61:11). Stayed the night and had leftover pasta, sauce and turkey sausage.

January 2nd: 4:45am wakeup. Out the door at 5am to drive back to NY for work. Sausage, egg and cheese from Mickey D's (I am not proud of this). Work 8am-4:30pm. Bought lunch. Chicken sandwich special (chicken, Swiss cheese, pineapple jalapeno peppers, honey mustard). Not a fan of mustard, but this combo worked well.

Home to relax and head over for a run/workout assistant around 6pm. Goupil was running 3x1000 with 5 minutes rest. Loop around a neighborhood. I reversed the loop to met him with about 400 meters to go and bring him in. Back from the workout and I did 10x100 meters strides. 10 miles on the day. Vegetable quesadilla for dinner. Some pushups, situps, dips, and pullups in the apartment.

January 3rd: 6:30am wakeup. Oatmeal with real maple syrup for breakfast. Work 8am-4:30pm. Carpooled with Goupil. Another veggie quesadilla for lunch. Home to relax and eventually make it out for my own workout. My first real speed workout. 5x400, 5x200. Full rest.

This was the extra cold day so I bundled up properly. Shorts, half tights, full tights, two pairs of socks, singlet, short sleeve, long sleeve, pullover, two hats. I did not overheat at any point. Mapped out a 400 meter stretch of straight road. The 400 part of the workout was: 64, 65, 67, 69, 63. I am notorious for keeping the rest quicker and a bit shorter. So I think it was catching up with me by the 3rd one. Goupil paced me the first 200 of the last one. The 200's were long. The distance was 0.15 miles. A 200 is 0.124. So the 200 longs were: 38, 39, 39, 38, 37. I am thinking about 7+ seconds long of a 200. 9 miles on the day. Happy with the workout even with the times being jumpy.

Back to the house to stretch, foam roll, grab a Clif Bar and head to Planet Fitness for a light lift session. Sore from yesterday's mini session so it hurt especially on the bench press. Home to eat another Clift Bar and head to bed after showering.

January 4th: 6:45am wakup. Oatmeal with real maple syrup. Work 8am-5pm. PB&J, Clif Bar, and raisins for lunch. I wanted/needed to get an oil change and tire rotation after work. I attempted to find coupons online and discover the cheapest price for the two things. The best thing was Midas with a $22 oil change and add $5 for a tire rotation. The wait was gonna be 30-45 minutes. I didn't have that kind of time. Valvoline and Jiffy Lube weren't running any specials and the going price at those two locations were about $55-$60. Wait until next week. Stopped off at Target for almond milk, orange juice, and Toaster Strudels. I don't buy things in the freezer section, but when I do, I buy Toaster Strudels.

Home by 6pm. Threw a Toaster Strudel in the toaster oven. Strawberry. I think I burned the roof of my mouth. I forgot how scolding hot they are right after you take them out. I think I was looking so forward to eating one, I couldn't wait. Run at 7:15pm. 5+ miles (36:45). Home to stretch, foam roll, and wash some dishes. Eventually showered. Go Lean Autumn Harvest for dinner. Watched Notorious/Starsky and Hutch on two different channels. Bed by 11:30pm.

Reggie Lewis meet tomorrow evening. Another mile/800 double. Hamstrings a bit sore from Thursday's workout. Oh well, foam roll and Stick the legs. Ice and stretch.

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