New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reggie Lewis Meet

January 5th: 8:20am wakeup. No alarm set so I felt refreshed to just wake up when my body told me to wake up. 4 mile (NT) solo at 9ish. Back to foam roll, stretch and shower. A couple Toaster Strudels for breakfast. I learned from my amateur mistake the other day. I cut the pastries in half to allow some heat to escape. No burnt roof of the mouth for me.

Packed up and sorta cleaned up my room. Basically I put things into piles (running clothes, work clothes, spikes, dirty laundry) to free up some space in the middle of the room. Washed some dishes and tidied up the house.

Off to Keene at 12ish. Smooth ride. Clif bar for a snack. Arrived in Keene around 2:10pm. Fresh salad for a light lunch. I ordered one of the specials. Chicken, fresh mozzarella, pecan pesto, lettuce and tomato on barley wheat bread. Orange mango Nantucket juice to wash it down. Over to Pete Thomas' (KSC coach) office to say hi before heading down to Roxbury.

Out of Keene by 3pm. Meet started at 5pm. Arrived at 4:50pm. They had already started the meet (sprints/hurdles). Hmmm. Final call for the mile as we walked into the facility. Goupil checked us in and I started warming up. 2+ mile warmup on the track. Some strides and popped into the first heat. Out well off the line and a solid race. Negative splits. 2:13, 2:10. Closed in 31. Much better than the previous two weeks. Cheered for Goupil. A short cooldown outside (1 mile). Back inside to see the girls 800m running. Only 1 heat and I was in the 2nd heat of the guys (so approximately 4-5 minutes before my 800 heat went off). Over to the check-in table to try to locate the heat sheets to find out my hip number. One of the official was hoarding them for some reason. I grabbed my hip number and in the clear. 1st heat finished and we stepped onto the line. There were two people with hip number 4 on. One of the them was supposed to be #5. He changed it. As we getting ready to toe the line, another runner came rushing to the start line with hip number 11 in his hand stating he was in the heat. There was some commotion and the logical/kind thing to do would be to allow him to find his spot on the waterfall and reset everybody (take an extra 15-20 seconds). Next thing I knew, the gun went off. What?! Off the line in last and through in 30-31 seconds and about 10-15 feet off the back of the pack. Strided out the last 3 laps by myself for a 2:09ish. Goupil wasn't allowed to grab his hip number (you can probably read his blog to read the details). 2 mile cooldown outside. Out of there in a huff at 7pm to make it back to Keene by 9pm.

Stopped off at Sears (a current KSC athlete's house, not the store). Kimber picked me up and back to Peterborough to chill for the rest of the night. Slice of pizza for dinner. Bed by 11pm.

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