New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


January 28th: 6:45am wakeup. No food whatsoever. I had cheese, but no tortillas for a quesadilla. I had peanut and jelly, but no bread for sandwiches. Cereal, but no milk. Settled for a protein shake for breakfast. Work 8am-4:30pm. Bought lunch at the cafeteria. Fresh made California Roll from the sushi station. Delicious. Project Manager stopped in at lunch and expensed lunch. Ca-chang!

Home to pick up my new high visibility thermal lined work gloves from the office. Relaxed until about 7pm. Out for 6 miles (44:11) with Goup in the snow and slush. Relaxing run where we just stayed in the side neighborhoods.

Home to shower almost immediately and head to Hannaford's for a few things. We beat the freezing rain for the run. The short time between the end of the run and the departure for the grocery store, a decent layer of ice encased my car's exterior. Picked up cereal, milk, avocados, and a red pepper.

Back to the apartment to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner and chill out. Bed by 10:30pm.

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