New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, January 4, 2013

Final BU Mini Meet/Long Run

December 29th: 7:30am wakeup. Organic cornflakes with brown sugar for breakfast. Off to Boston by 8:30ish. Arrived before 10am. The goal for today was to run as much as possible throughout the meet. Total warmup/cooldown time: 79:36. Mile was the 1st event. Quality warmup with lots of strides. Felt ready. Out slow and finished quick. 4:24 (2:14, 2:10). No closing speed yet, but the whole race felt smooth and my legs didn't really hurt at any point. I have the strength. Need to sharpen. 800 was good until the last lap. 30, 30, 30, 33 for a 2:03. It was okay. Solid speed day. Watched the 4x1600 race before heading out into the snowy conditions back to Leominster.

13 miles on the day. Pork tenderloin, broccoli, and carrots that was sooooo good.

December 30th: 7:30am wakeup. 10+ (74:27) on my own. The normal hilly loop that is fairly scenic. Another 5+ miles (44:37) with my sister Sarah. 16 miles on the day. Back to stretch, foam roll, and shower up to get fresh for my early birthday get together in CT with my family.

Down to Colleen's (cousin) apartment for an early dinner and dessert. We played Fact Or Crap (as well as a battle of the sexes round, it got heated to say the least). Ate a bomb lasagna for lupper (lunch and supper) with chocolate cake for dessert. Chilled until about 6:30pm. Sarah and Bob were going tubing back in Mass. I attempted to met them for 8ish, but hit about 45 minutes of traffic in about a 3 mile span. A car had broke down in the middle lane. Straight back to Leominster (no tubing for me) to eat my leftover white pizza and relax the rest of the night.

65 miles for the week. A tough, but productive workout (completed before any snowfall), another solid mile/800 double (with no real speed work yet), and a easy long run (happy to still get out there on Sundays for the longer distances).

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