New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Accomplishing Things

January 11th: 6:45am wakeup. Bowl of Autumn Harvest for breakfast. It was chilly/icy first thing in the morning. I started my car to warm it up while I scrapped my windows off. I decided to perform my good deed for the day by assisting another person with their windows. The lady was thrown off when I asked her as I creeped up to her rolled up window. Once I was done, she attempted to hand me a few dollars. I couldn't accept it. Work 8am-4pm. Relaxing Friday. Home to change up and head out the door by 5pm for a planned tempo. Goup decided that it wasn't a smart idea with the temperature hoovering around 31-33 degrees and windy. We cruised the 8.5 miles in 55:00. A few icy spots here and there to prevent us from getting into a real groove. Though, we managed to keep it at an honest pace.

Back to the apartment just before 6pm. A protein shake, shower and up to Saratoga Strike Zone for the Colden holiday party. Kimber met Goup and I there around 7ish. She drove in from NH. Stopped off at a co-worker's apartment across the street for a few hours. Home by 11pm. Bed soon after.

January 12th: 8:30am wakeup. Piece of toast with butter and jelly for breakfast. Out for the workout on my own at 9:30ish. 3 mile (22:33) warmup over to Par Del Rio track loop/straightaways (Baker Street equivalent). The workout was 4x800, 4x400. Half rest. I did venture over the Shen track to see if it was cleared off. No dice. I was forced to settle for the neighborhoods. Some strides and my legs were feeling the run in the Nike Lunar Lites from the day before. My motto for the workout was "Cruise, then close." Worked fairly well. 2:19, 2:20, 2:19, 2:23 (last one was a bit of a rig, but not terrible). 68, 67, 67, 67. What a world of different to run daylight. I could see where the end of the interval was. I was able to do my normal checkpoints through the intervals. It was amazing and I am happy with how the workout unfolded. 3 mile cooldown (22:13).

Stretch, foam roll, and a protein shake. Kimber and I headed to the Crossgates Mall for my Apple Genius appointment at 1:10pm. It was packed in the store. The customer service was great and the guy set me up with a new phone (same model, iPhone 4S). Free of charge since it was still under warranty. iCloud backup and phone activated before I stepped out of the store. The problem with my phone was that it had lost all volume except for the ringer and alarm. Extremely annoying. Shopped around for a while. Stopped for lunch. Smoked turkey BLT with cheddar cheese on a jalapeno cheddar wrap. Curly fries. Half of Kimber's Santa Fe Chicken Wrap. A lemonade for a drink. Stopped in at Old Navy. Found a couple button down shirts and a full zip hoodie. All on sale, of course.

Stopped off at the Army Navy Club to purchase new safety toe boots for work. Decided on the Keen's boots after testing out a few. Home by 5pm. Easy 3 mile shakeout with Kimber (26:57). Stretch, shower and over to Da Choppa for groceries. Items for slow cooker enchiladas and creamy apple oatmeal. Salad ingredients (fresh romaine, apples, peppers, cucumber, tomato, onions).

Home to prepare salad for dinner. All the good stuff plus some seasoned chicken and country French dressing. Used my new bowl I received from my sister for Christmas. Worked like a charmed. I made sure Kimber washed the romaine lettuce so I didn't have a reoccuring episode (tossing my cookies in the toilet). Watched some television. Fell asleep on the couch. Bed by 11:45pm.

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