New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Basics

January 17th: 6:45am wakeup. Bowl of Apple Jacks for breakfast. Cooked up some chicken, veggies and pasta for lunch. Topped with Monterey Jack and mozzarella cheese. Clif bar and chips. Work 8am-4:30pm.

Home to relax for a while. Mapped out a run and wrote down the directions. Checked the weather and noticed it was a tidbit nipply out there. Bundled up accordingly and out the door by 6pm.

10+ miles (68:34). Solo run and actually found a few hills throughout the run. Back to foam roll and make a classic protein shake in The Bullet. Over the gym by 7:45pm for a solid 45 minutes of free weights and abs. Burped up my protein shake as I was ripping through my an routine. Managed to watch a couple (two separate elliptical machines next to each other) share a kiss as they were "working out." Wow, gross. Workout or go home.

Home by 8pm. Chilled on the couch and finally mustered up the energy to whip up another batch of chimichangas. Just as delicious the second time.

Bed by 10:30pm. Passed out in my clothes in my bed. No shower.

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