New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, January 21, 2013

GBTC Meet @ Harvard

January 20th: 9:30am wakeup. Sarah made silver dollar Buckwheat pancakes and chicken sausage for breakfast. Added some raspberry jelly and real grade A dark amber maple syrup. Gathered my things and out the door by 11am to head to Harvard University with Kimber.

Arrived at 11:45ish. Found Goupil and Amy in the bleachers. Chilled and watch the races. Warmup with Goup. 2 miles plus some strides. Missed my heat for the mile so I had to run in the next one. It's all good. 4:26 by myself. I was ready to PR, but we will have to wait until the following weekend. Cooldown a couple laps around the facility. A quick warmup before the 800. The 2nd event went better and ran a smart race. A strong 2:02. Easy 2 mile cool down. 9 miles on the day.

Stopped off at Whole Foods to grab some food. Decided on a 1/4 pound of maple ham, an egg roll and roasted red pepper hummus to make a sandwich. Pomegrante italian soda to wash it down.

Back to Leominster to relax and eat a delicious homemade meal by Bob West. Pasta made from stratch. Roasted garlic tomato sauce. Handmade meatballs. Sausage (the only thing not made from scratch). Tapioca pudding with half and half. Mmmmm. A couple servings of pudding.

Watched the Hunger Games. Bed by 11am. Pulling my classic "leave at 5am to make it to work by 8am" Monday.


  1. How did you leave by 11am but arrive at 10:45?

    1. Time travel. Special feature in the 97 Subaru Outbacks.