New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Too Shabby

January 16th: 6:50am wakeup. Shower since I did not last night (aka this morning at 2am). Bowl of Honey Combs for breakfast. Prepared a salad for lunch. I checked the forecast last night and it stated some AM snow and clear in the afternoon. I stepped outside to a whole lot more snow than I was expecting. Goup and I carpooled to work. 8am-4pm. EHS monthly meeting at 12pm with lunch supplied. They were serving pizza. I restricted myself to a single slice of spinach and mushroom. Starving by 2pm. Ate my salad and Clif Bar at my desk.

Home by 4:30pm. Chilled on the couch and made the group decision to workout at 6pm. Changed up at 5:30pm and mapped out my mile loop. Workout was mile, 2x800, 4x400. Half rest. All at the Par Del Rio track loop. After working out during the day, it gave me a sense of comfort running the loops. I recognized landmarks much better and had a few checkpoints along the way. Smooth as ever and used my Saturday motto. Cruise, then close. A couple iffy turns, but overall clear conditions on the roads.

4:53, 2:22, 2:21, 68, 67, 66, 64. The best part is the mile was long. It came out to 4:44. I knew that when I finished, but I wasn't sure what it was gonna convert to for the mile. Happy with the workout especially with my closing 400's. 2.5 mile warmup and 2.5 cooldown. 9.5 miles total for the day.

Home to stretch, foam roll and wash some dishes. Made a flavor packed protein shake before sitting down to watch The A-Team on FX. No real dinner.

Shower before bed. Bed by 10:45pm.

One of my favorites from the wedding


  1. "Cruise then close"...I like that. I also watched the A-Team last night. Good flick, I kind of want them to make another one.

  2. Thanks. It keeps me calm and under control for the most part. They gotta come out with another movie. The first one was too friggin awesome!