New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


January 22nd: 6:50am wakeup. Laid in bed for a while. Bowl of Special K Oats and Honey for breakfast. While eating the cereal, I made a sweet sliced ham and lacey Swiss cheese sandwich on an onion roll with light mayo. Mixed some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and hot sauce in a small piece of tupperware to add at work. Potato chips and a banana. Work 8am-4:30pm.

Home to relax until about 5:45pm. Changed up for the big session at the gym. Running AND lifting. 2.5ish hours later, we completed 60+ minutes of running on the treadmill, stretching, bench, free weights, and a 10 minute massage chair while waiting out our pizza order pickup. Covered 9+ miles on the treadmill. Better treadmills than Keene State. I ramped it up and saw 4:38 pace for a few seconds. Drenched and changed everything head to toe in the locker room (shoes, socks, shorts to boxers, and shirt). Benchpress was a success. Completed two sets of benching my body weight (135 pounds). Most since I started lifiting. Last set dropped down to 125 pounds (completed 9 out of the 10). Free weights were solid. Massage chair was the best part (free). No big deal.

BBQ chicken pizza from the Brick House Pizza and Grille. Some Big Bang Theory while devouring a few pieces of pizza (with the addition of hot sauce). Shower and bed by 11pm.

Diesel 12 cut pie.

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