New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trust A Midas Touch

January 8th: 6am wakeup. Right back to sleep and woke up at 7am to no alarm. Out of bed to hit the bathroom. Toaster Strudels for breakfast. Double decker PB&J and a Clif Bar for lunch. Work 8am-4pm. Quick day at work.

Over to Midas in Clifton Park for my scheduled appointment. Printed out a coupon for a 22 dollar oil change and add a tire rotation for 5 bucks. Bargain shopper all the time. Smooth transaction and coupon accepted. Sweet. The only hiccup (not personal so it was extremely entertaining spectating on the sidelines/waiting room) was a lady that came storming in through the door. I thought she was asking what she wanted done, but I was wrong. "I would like 4 new tires! A state inspection sticker! And the customer service number!" She was pissed to say the least. I captured the last minute or so on video. She was way out of line, but it was all good. The last thing she said before she left was "Don't trust em!" to me.

Home by 5:30pm. Changed and met Derrick for a run. 10 (68:18) miles at 6pm. Back to stretch, foam roll and switch into gym attire.

Solid session at the gym. Home for a pulled chicken sandwich, a shower and bed.

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