New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To Leominster

October 26th: 6am wakeup. 3 mile (22:30) run in the dark. Back to eat a bowl of cereal and pack a lunch. Shower. Work 7:30-3:45pm.

Home to pack up and head over to Leominster, MA. Left at 4:30pm. Arrived by 7:30 with any problems. Leftovers with Sarah and Bob. Threw in a load of laundry. Watched some television.

Feel asleep on the couch and made my way to the guest bedroom by 2am.

The best part of the week occurred yesterday afternoon. I received my oversized package from running house with all my new kicks. Over the past week, I have bought 9 pairs of shoes (running, racing and casual) for myself (and two pairs for my sisters). A bunch of solid deals and nothing not on sale.

I ventured over to the office to pick up Goupil's package and mine as well. I hadn't even made it into the door (finishing up a phone conversation with Kimber right outside the front door) and the two packages were sitting on the table. It was like Christmas! Goupil and I opened them up together. We proceeded to try on every single pair we bought. Below is the inventory. I know it's pathetic, but all of them will be going to great use. A couple pairs of Sanuks (most comfortable shoe ever), a few pairs of Sauconys (tempo and trainers), Nike Lunarflys (trainers), Nike Streaks (replacement from the marathon), Nike Victory (for the mile/3k), and Nike Frees (bright green and ridiculously baller).

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