New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, October 5, 2012

Marathon Spectator

September 30th: 6:30am wakeup. Headed over to the new Keene middle school to met up with Ferenc and Fyffe. Stopped at Dunks on the way to grab a bagel with butter for breakfast.

Biked the 5 mile mark. Watched from there until the end of the marathon. Hammett and Big George ran tough. T about mile 11 of the course, it takes a downhill hairpin turn. I thought we were going straight. We weren't. I was riding Ferenc's old school road bike and clipped Fyffe's back wheel. Launched myself off the bike and barrel rolled ever so gracefully onto the pavement. Up and good to go. A nice crowd of 10-15 spectator witnessed my acrobatic moves. Marathon finished at Keene State College. Biked to the finish. Watched the guys come in. Biked back to the car drop.

Back to the lake house to run with Najem. Just shy of 10 miles (67:01). Beech hill 7 loop with a detour to the lookout point. Beautiful view of the town. Kimber picked me up and we headed out to Elm City Brewery for lunch. Burger and sweet potato fries with home-brewed root beer. Mmm. Took a drive through the marathon course to digest. Stopped off at the Stone Arch Bridge to check it out.

Back to the lake house to pack up and head out back to NY. Stopped off at Beeze Tees to see Tim Pipp and his booming business. Saw the new truck. Sweetness. Pointed out a bunch of safety violations in his work area, obviously.

Home by 9:15ish. Bed by 10pm.

10 miles on the day and 88 miles on the week. Smooth running with a quality workout and a quality long run. Prepped and ready to go.

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