New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Sore 2 Days After

October 25th: 6:35am wakeup. Cereal and made the lunch. Same deal. Finished off the chipotle chicken for a sandwich. No hot pepper rings because I just didn't feel like it. Work 7:30-4pm. Quality day of work.

Home to relax and run 5+ miles (34:13). Smooth run through Evergreen. Back to stretch, foam roll and add a few layers for the gym.

I don't have any normal basketball/gym/knee length shorts so I have to wear sweatpants for the time being to Planet Fitness. Lifting (and the way we do our circuit lifting/exercises) builds up some major heat in a short time. Before we even started, my pecs were sore to the touch and I knew this because Goup poked me right in the "chicken wing." I think I shed a tear, but luckily that was in the comfort of my own apartment. Gotta start somewhere. This is the first true lifting regime so it will be a new experience for sure. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Home to shower and eat a burrito. Some television and bed by 11pm.

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