New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gotta Splurge Every Once In A While

October 24th: 6:30am wakeup. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Work 7:30-4pm. Easy day with a delicious lunch once again. Chipotle chicken and the 3 pepper Colby jack cheese. Mayo and peppercorn ranch dressing. Hot pepper rings. Snacks.

Home to relax for a bit before making out way down to Albany for the normal Wednesday evening. 5 miles (35:13) and the legs felt great. Could of done more, but 5 miles is what the day called for.

Over to the 99 Restaurant for dinner with coach Dick, Josh and Goup. Appetizers, dinner AND dessert. Outrageous potato skins, turkey burger with guacamole and salsa, and then the towering midnight fudge cake. It was a calculated 2720 calories. Boom. 46 bucks + tip between Goup and I. Always a good time with the guys especially coach.

Home to shower and hit the hay soon after.

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