New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post Marathon Recovery

October 14th-21st: Sunday, I ate a whole bunch of food (ice cream and Sour Patch Kids) and relaxed at my parents' house for a couple hours before heading back to NY. Recovery was a breeze the rest of the week and it was amazing to not have to run. I slept in every single day. I stayed late on Monday at work and my supervisor (at Globalfoundries) demanded me to come in late the next day so I strolled into work on Tuesday at 8:30am. Woohoo! Cereal every morning for breakfast. Calves were extremely sore Monday-Wednesday. Lots of double decker PB&Js for lunch.

Right after work on Wednesday, I stopped off at Jiffy Lube to get my an oil change. They do good work there and take care of you as a customer. My front seats were vacuumed out and everything. Wednesday is usually Albany so Goupil and I couldn't break tradition too many weeks in a row. We drove down to UAlbany to spectate the workout. I trotted 20 minutes extra slow and it loosened some things up. Stretched a bunch right after the run. Moe's for burritos and TCBY for dessert.

Thursday and Friday was a whole lot of nothing. We did watch "That's My Boy" on Thursday night and laughed our asses off. I prepared burrito mix Friday morning before work. The time you have when you don't run in the morning is extraordinary.

Saturday was Pumpkinfest in Keene, NH. Day drinking and hanging out with friends. Spent the evening at Kimber's in Peterborough with her family (mom, aunt, cousin and cousin's fiancé). Lots of fun. Catch phrase until 1am. Homemade buffalo chicken pizza for dinner. Mmm.

Sunday consisted of sleeping in. Bagel Mill for a sausage egg and cheese of a sesame seed bagel. So friggin good. Chilled out and back to Clifton Park, NY. Tomorrow, Monday, kicks off the recovery week of running and getting back into the swing of things. We are adding in lifting 3 times a week at a gym (Planet Fitness). Stockade-athon 15K is in 3 weeks and it's a team race (last race of the Adirondack Grand Prix for me). That's the next race and Manchester Road Race (4.748 miles) on Thanksgiving day in Connecticut.

Let the new cycle of training begin for the indoor mile/3K! Sub 4:15 and sub 8:30. Boom baby!

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