New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, October 8, 2012

Not Everyday Can Be A Career Day

October 5th: 6:10am wakeup. 3 miles (22:55) at 6:40am. Goupil wasn't out of his room yet so I ventured without him. Back to stretch, foam roll, shower and finish off my cereal for breakfast. Work 8am-5:30pm. Double decker PB&J with the homemade jelly, again. Once again, it was amazing. Goupil headed to NH after work so I wasn't rushing to get home to run with anybody. I had to tie up a few loose ends at work so I decided to take care of them before the weekend.

Home by 6pm. Chilled and finally changed for a run at like 7:45pm. I am foam rolling and warming up to head out for a short run. I hear some noise from the outside and it is the sound of torrential down pouring. Hmm. I guess no 2nd run. It was bound to happen one of these weeks. I sorta unplanned down day. Goupil wanted me to take a day off, which this pretty counts as one.

Protein shake and yogurt with a crushed up Nature Valley bar and chopped up bananas for dinner. Bed by 11pm.

3 miles on the day and at least it's not a goose egg. No problem.

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