New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Proceed To Checkout

October 9th: 6:30am wakeup. Omelette for breakfast. I haven't had one in the morning in a while so it tasted that much better. Work 8am-4:30pm. Carpooled with Goupil since the car is in the shop. Double decker PB&J for lunch. Clif bar. Gatorade.

Headed home to relax for a little bit. I checked all my tracking for my packages. 3 packages arriving this week. Powerbar fuel, Bluetooth headset, Nike order of clothes, and cassette adapter for my car. I am overly excited for everything to be at my doorstep. It's kinda pathetic, but I don't care.

7 miles (48:18) at 6pm with Goupil. Easy run on the legs. Back to foam roll, stretch and NO strength training. Rest up all the body parts for the weekend.

Goupil and I made a trip to Da Choppa for small grocery shopping. Orange juice, a few veggies, cereal, and bananas. Realized I forgot milk for my cereal as I was putting away the food.

Burrito mix for dinner in a tortilla. Avocado, tomato, red pepper, black beans, brown rice, onions, and some seasoning.

Shower and a little Miss Congeniality 2 because I'm a manly man. Bed by 10:30pm.

7 miles on the day. Legs feel good and ready to go.

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