New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can't Stop Me Now

September 28th: 5:35am wakeup. Bathroom. Washed some dishes. Gathered up my stuff for the weekend. 3 miles (23:05) with Goupil. Back to stretch, foam roll, and pack up my bags. Two eggs overeasy. Work 8am-4pm.

Drove to Keene right after work. Napped the first 30 minutes of the ride as always. Snacks on the ride. Not a ton of traffic.

Arrived in Keene by 7:15ish. Planned 4-5 mile run turned into 7+ (50:18). Rain held up for the run and it turned out to be a solid run. Overdressed in the beginning, but worked out in the end. The temperature dropped.

Kimber picked me up around 8:30pm. Athens for a large chicken parmesan sub. Devoured it on the way to Peterborough. Showered up at Kimber's apartment. Shot of NyQuil. Knocked out by 11pm.

10 miles on the day. "Ferenc long run" to follow tomorrow. Byahh!

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