New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day of Pure Amazement

October 23rd: 6:30am wakeup. Cereal for breakfast. Work 7:30am-4pm. Easy day at work. I was able to park in the front parking lot because I arrived at work "on time." Chiptotle chicken and 3 pepper colby jack cheese with light mayo, sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, and hot pepper rings on ciabetta rolls. Ballin! I did use the bathroom at work and came across a pair of boxers that were attempted to be flushed down the toilet. I didn't know I worked with people that can't control their bowels well enough. I am just baffled sometimes.

Home by 4:30pm. Picked up a couple packages at the office. Some Nike Victories for the indoor season. A major sale on running warehouse email was sent to me around 4:45pm so I bought a few pairs of trainers for the winter time. Changed up for a run with Derrick.

We met up with Derrick right down the road and we stopped for a second. He removed his hat and gloves he was wearing (he bundles up all times of the year) and tossed them on the ground. He proceeded to bow down to congratulate us on our marathons. He let us know, "I know you guys have been working hard. 14 miles here. 15 miles another day. Running in the mornings." He seems like he brags about us sometimes to his teammates. Short run with Derrick. 4 miles (27:38) for a nice easy run. Legs are working themselves back into a stride.

Back to foam roll, stretch and change up for the beginning of a new era. Gym time. Planet Fitness gym membership. Black card. 40 minutes. I don't know the exact name of all the lifting we did, but I know my arms will be extremely sore. Oh well. This will be a 3 x a week regime.

Home to make a burrito. Shower and bed.

4 miles on the day. This week's goal is just get my legs back underneath me.

As a side note, yesterday I filled my car up with gas to get ridiculously frustrated. I experienced another amateur that thinks he is better than everyone and doesn't understand the rules of pumping gas. Same gas station as last time and this one is a busy one because it allows you use your Price Chopper Fuel Advantage Card to receive discounts (10 cents off every $100 dollars you spend at Da Choppa) and it is right off the highway. I pull in after grocery shopping to fill up the tank and pull in behind this Porsche that is in between the two pumps. I am expecting him to either leave or pull up to the second pump. I waited atleast a minute or two. I saw the wife checking herself in the mirror and no one attempting to exit the car. I beeped the horn as the guy opened the door. He said something, but my music was loud and my window was up. So I turned down the radio and opened the window. He said that the fuel tank was in the front of the car so he had to use the 2nd pump. Hmm. I kindly said okay and went to another pump once it opened up. After thinking about for a few minutes as I was filling up my tank, it didn't make any sense that he has to block the 1st pump. The picture explains it below. He should of just pulled up to the 1st pump and filled up on that. This would of prevented one of the pumps from being blocked. Dumb!

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