New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ferenc Long Run

September 29th: 8am wakeup. Refreshed. Packed up my stuff and headed over to Keene for the KSC invite. Met up with Titus and Goupil for breakfast at The Pub. Ordered the same thing I get every time. One of each of the early riser's breakfasts. A pancake, two pieces of French toast, two eggs overeasy, homefries, and toast. Mmmm. Killed it all.

Drove over to the KSC athletic complex for the races at 10:45am. Watched the girls and guys tear it up on the course.

Back to the lake house in Swanzey to change up for the long run. 19 mile loop at 2pm. Fyffe, Ferenc, Goupil and I trekked out to a parking lot to start up the run. Epic run and smooth sailing. Ferenc and I added on to make it 22 miles (2:17:41).

Back to stretch, put on warm clothes and pound Coca-cola. Great run and a huge confidence booster for the marathon.

Back to Keene for more stretching, showering and out to dinner for Mexican food at Pedraza's. Five enchiladas with cheese, chicken, beef, shredded beef and beans. A couple root beers. Delish (short for delicious)!

Out to the bars to chill out with friends. Woodchuck cider and other brewskis. Charleston Chew. 3 for $1. Bed by 1am.

22 miles. Feel full prepared for the marathon in two weeks. Get pumped!

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