New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bad Influence

October 11th: 6:40am wakeup. Another bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Maple syrup and chocolate syrup. Work 8am-4:45pm. Busy bee at work today. Nonstop as soon as I sat at my desk. Day flew right by. Double decker PB&J, Nature Valley bar, Clif Bar (split with my co-worker), half of an avocado (sprinkled with salt), a banana, and Gatorade.

Goupil and I carpooled again since I am driving to Hartford tomorrow morning. We stopped off at Walmart to pick up some cheap clothes for the warmup to ditch at the line. Everything was more than we wanted. We left immediately to hit up TJ Maxx and Sports Authority down in Latham.

We realize that we cannot shop in the same store at the same time. We entered TJ Maxx to spend the minimum amount of money, we left with over $100 dollars worth of stuff between the two of us. Ouch. Oh well, we picked up some sweet stuff. It was easier when we stopped next door at Sports Authority. Everything is overpriced except for the winter hats on sale for 5 bucks. Exactly what we needed for race day. A Buffalo Bills hat to toss to the sidelines after I heat up in the first few miles.

Home to make sweet potato fries (two potatoes worth) and pack up for the weekend. Easy A was on FX and major relaxation.

Bed by 10pm. Planned day off.

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