New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Laundry To The Max

October 7th: 10am wakeup. Felt amazing to sleep in especially because it will be difficult to get the quality sleep as it gets closer to race day. Made a monster omelette for breakfast. I started to attack the apartment beginning with my room. The laundry was piling up and I was overdue for a laundry run. Two hampers and double load laundry bag later, I was set with all my dirty laundry. I tidied up other parts of the apartment. Organized the recyclables. Emptied the garbages. Nature Valley bar for a snack.

Took a break to run at 4:15pm. 11 miles (71:23). Felt smooth and relaxed. Back to stretch, foam roll, and FaceTime with my dad. Caught up and talked about the marathon weekend.

Made myself a double decker PB&J. Showered and off to the laundromat at 6:45pm. Loaded up 5 washers full of clothes (4 double loads, 1 single load). I knew I needed a couple things at Target and I could use an actual laundry basket. I purchased some bodywash, facewash, Tums and a 2 bushel laundry basket. Back to the laundromat to put everything in the dryer. 6 dryers. Boom. Once I started folding, I had a similar feeling as Ron Burgundy had when he chose milk as a drink. I wore cords and a long sleeve. I was boiling up. It got to a point where I stopped next door at the gas station and bought a couple Powerades to cool me off. Done at 9pm.

Home to FaceTime with my sister Sarah. Leftover steak with cheese and ranch dressing. Bed by 11pm.

11 miles on the day. 66 miles for the week. Easy workout and a down day. One more week.

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