New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, November 2, 2012

Raw Fish? Why Not?

October 27th: 10am wakeup. Amazing to sleep in and on a double bed to sprawl out everywhere. Changed up for a run and ate some candy (one of my weaknesses) while stretching/warming up. Sarah, Tucker (dog), and I ran a small loop together. I continued on for another 4+ miles. 7 miles total. My 4.25 miles was cruised in 26:59. Not bad. 6:20 pace. Felt good. Beautiful weather out so I couldn't complain at all.

Back to the house to stretch, foam roll, and change up for some yard work. Pancakes and scrambled eggs with cheese and ham mixed in. Fueled up for the 4 hours of yard work. Before any real work started, I took a major digger with the wheelbarrow. Basically, I turned too sharply with it and the wheelbarrow stayed in one spot while I gracefully flipped over it. Laid on the ground for a solid 5 minutes in pain. My sister thought I was okay initially until she saw some of the scraps on my legs and arms. Once I was okay and moving, she laughed. It's all good. Moved most of the wood chip pile from the driveway over to the spot in the woods. Done by 4pm. Chilled and surfed the net.

Showered up and changed up for dinner with my cousins, Aunt Eileen and Uncle David from Texas. My cousins (Sarah and Hannah) go to school in Massachusetts. Their parents were up for parents weekend and to see the sights. Over to Worcester for sushi and good times. It was crazy to see everyone and catch up on everything (it had been too long). I even tried some sushi and liked it. Not my top choice for food still, but I'd have it again. I ordered the chicken teriyaki with vegetable tempura and a legit ice cream scoop of rice.

Drove over to a frozen yogurt place in Leominster and pigged out. Well, I mostly did. Bob made the mistake of not having a theme when making his self-serve fro-yo with toppings. He mixed mango with chocolate for yogurt flavors. That was just the beginning. Next, he added toppings in no rhyme, right, or reason. If he liked it, it was being scooped and poured onto his concoction. Once all said and done, he noted that everything was delicious except for the peanut butter syrup he put on at the end of the toppings line. The pictures will show the tragedy and my masterpiece of chocolate.

Home to relax, watch some television and head to bed by 11ish or so.

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