New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Almost Like Christmas!

November 6th: 6:40am wakeup. Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. Main course already made for lunch. Packed some snacks. Carpooled with Goupil again. Into a decent routine for the mornings with the absence of the morning runs. That will change soon enough. Work 7:30am-4pm.

Stopped off at Redbox to finally return my DVD after 3 weeks. Ouch. Oh well. Arrived at the apartment to a package. I forgot what I ordered so I opened it up as soon as possible before trying to remember what I ordered. It was like a true surprise! My Nyko Wii Remote charging station for $14.99 + free Amazon Prime 2 day shipping. Sweetness.

Run at 5:30pm with Goupil. 8 miles (56:48). We figured out the area we wanted to run before we ventured out. Unfortunately, we have run this neighborhood only in the daylight. After about 25 minutes of running and not making it back to the main road (aka hitting a few dead end signs), we stopped and asked a local guy about to leave in his car. He had to think for a second, but he directed us flawlessly us out to Plank Road with precise directions.

Back to the apartment by 6:30pm to stretch, foam roll, and wash some dishes to not allow them to add up like the last couple weeks. As well as dishes, I cut up my veggies for my burger to have everything ready for post gym workout

Off to the gym at 7:15pm for lifting and lots of abs. Again, abs until I felt like throwing up. Home by 8:30pm. Nice toritilla burger for dinner. Avocado, peppers, onions, peppercorn ranch, and ground beef with Italian dressing, bread crumbs, and BBQ sauce.

Some television and bed by 10pm.

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