New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stockadeathon 15K

November 11th: 6am wakeup. Oatmeal and a half of banana for breakfast. Picked up by Renee Tolan (Willow Street) to carpool to the race in Schenectady, NY. Arrived with time to spare. Chilled before doing a 2.5+ mile warmup (18:56). Off to the elite bathroom stop (elites and Brooks VIP members - people who bought Brooks in the last 3 months) so it was a bit crowded. Changed up at the tent into the uniform and racers. Off to the line for strides and scoping out the competition. Some great competition on the line and I was feeling okay after strides.

Off the line well and through the mile 5:20. Hmmm. Didn't feel that slow. 5:20's for the next 2 miles and through the 1st 5k in 16:52. The next mile was easy and I went through 4 miles in 21:45. 5:45? Blah. A few of my teammates have passed me by now and I am struggling hard. The crowd began to cheer, "First women!" and "Go Maegan!" Uh oh. I threw in a downhill surge and started to race again after that short lapse of "my legs feel like sh*t and I don't know how this can go any worse." I powered up the next hill and came through 10k in 34:22 (17:30). I kept pushing and passing someone one by one. I caught up to a couple teammates in the last miles and pushed in with them. Finished up in 51:21 (last 5k in 16:59). I survived. Cooldown a mile plus and chowed down on food in the refreshment tent. Chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, fruit snacks, chips, and Coca Cola. Massages offered and I took full advantage of it.

Home by 12:30 or so. Chilled for the rest of the day. Attempted to go to the gym at 6:45pm, but they were closing at 7pm. So we literally walked in and walked back out when we realized what time it was. Kimber made cornbread to go with the chili we had for dinner. Watched Leave It To Beaver on Netflix and crashed for the night soon after.

13+ miles on the day and 50 miles on the week. A decent workout and a survival race. Looking back at my New Bedford Half Marathon, I must of went through 15k in about 47 low. Knowing this, the 15k's have not come at a good time in my training. 1st 15k: I ran a 20k in the winter series. 2nd 15k: Boilermaker. And this one was yet another bad day. Rerally and get ready for Manchester Road Race and indoor track.

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