New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Iz" Is Not A Word

October 30th: 6:30am wakeup. Cereal for breakfast. With lunch already made (finishing off the homemade meatballs with homemade spaghetti sauce) and with the lack of groceries (snacks especially), I filled a small ziploc bag with raisins. Work 8am-4:30pm. Carpooled with Goupil.

Home to poop (all the spaghetti sauce, meatballs, and sausage did a number on me) and get ready for a run quickly to with Derrick at 5:15pm. 7 miles (45:44). Smooth and always entertaining to run with Derrick.

Back to foam roll, stretch, and make a protein shake. Goupil and I changed up for the gym. We both walk out of our rooms with the ING Hartford Marathon pullover on. Goupil instantly changed because I technically was wearing it first. It happens.

Gym for some major lifting. We put in a solid 30-40 minutes of circuit training and we are good to go.

Home to make dinner. Not. I told myself I would, but I made a protein shake instead. Watched the New Girl.

Bed by 10ish without a shower because I can be that lazy.

Good run. The thing I am not happy about is something that occurred in Words With Friends. I will let the screenshots of the two games explain itself.

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