New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cleaning Madman

November 3rd: 10am wakeup. Chilled in bed for some time. Goupil had already left at 6am to go to a benefit walk in Beverly, MA. Made some oatmeal for breakfast. Plan was to run at 11:30ish, but I decided to just run once in the evening. Searched on Craigslist for a dresser in the area. No dice. All too expensive or too far away. I currently do not have a dresser. Half of my clothes are on the ground (clean) or in a laundry basket/hamper. Watched some television.

Motivated myself to wash some dishes since they were overflowing onto the counter. Cleaned up in the kitchen. Emptied the garbage. Gathered all the recycling and headed over to the transfer station. Just in time. Arrived at 3:57pm and they closed at 4pm. Finished the dishes when I got back.

Run at 4:45pm. Decided to run the 10k course I planned on tempoing the next morning. Total for 7.5 miles (50:35). Back to stretch, foam roll, and clean the garbage can before taking a shower. It had something growing in the bottom of it.

Abbreviated burrito mix because I was still out of groceries. Rice, beans, tomato, avocado, onion, cheese and ranch dressing. No bell peppers or salsa. Kinda crucial elements to the burrito mix.

Watched The Ugly Truth on TV and bed by 11:30pm.

Katie, this came up on Pandora while I was cleaning my room.

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