New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, November 2, 2012

Close Call Followed By A Long Day

October 29th: 4:30am wakeup. Packed up the car and on the road by 5:10ish. Smooth sailing in the darkness until I had to get off exit 7 to head onto I-90 W. I thought it was a double exit (so it would be exit 7-8 and the exit forks), but it was not. I proceeded to exit 8 and slammed on my brakes immediately. My ABS worked like a charm. In front of me, a car perpendicular to the offramp and the front end smashed up with the guardrail in fairly bad condition as well. I stopped in time and threw it in reverse to park on the side of the highway. Put on the hazard lights and waited for the police to arrive at the scene. Good deed of the day. Early morning (still dark) and slick roads are a bad combination.

Jetted down to exit 7 (which was the next exit) and continued on with my ride with extra extra caution. Arrived at work right before 8am. Slow morning. Oatmeal for a snack because I had chocolate covered donettes and a water for breakfast at like 5:45am. Leftover spaghetti, sauce, meatball and turkey sausage for lunch.

Home by 4:30pm. Straight to the couch to relax. Took a nap around 6pm. Out for a 4+ miler (28:20) at 7:15pm. Hurricane? Pshhh. No rain, no wind, and an enjoyable night run. Back to stretch, foam roll, and have more leftovers (angel hair pasta with the homemade sauce, meatballs and sausage). Saved some for lunch the following day because I haven't gone grocery shopping (aka minimal food in the house).

Bed by 10:30pm.

Happy I made it out the door for a run with the weather pending the whole day.

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