New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fall Frun 10k

November 4th: 6:35am wakeup. Hmm. The race isn't until 11am, but I am wide awake. Surfed the net and updated the blog to pass the time. Out of the bed at 7:20am to make a couple packets of instant oatmeal. Watched some television. Changed up (aka bundled up) for the 1+ mile car ride to the race venue.

Arrived at Shen High School at 8am. Walked into the gym to pick up the bib and met up with teammates. Warmup at 8:20am. 2.5 (18+) miles around campus. Back to the gym to change up and head to the starting line. The goal was to tempo for as long as possible. Off the line well and onto very familiar roads (I run them all the time). 1st mile: 4:20. Boom. It was off by a minute. 5:20 first mile. Ran with Chuck Terry and Mike Roda for the next 3 miles. Mile 2: 5:25 (10:46). Mile 3: 5:24 (16:10). 5k: 16:47. Felt fine and relaxed. I held back on the 4th mile and stayed in single file behind Chuck and Mike. 4th mile: 5:31 (21:41). Sweetness. 5:25 pace and feeling good. Within 15-20 meters of passing the 4th mile, Mike threw down a surge that changed the pace significantly. He wasn't looking back so Chuck and I tried to cover the move. Chuck wasn't having it as much so I cruised past him to try to close the gap on Mike. 5th mile: 5:09 (26:50) and Mike up about 5 seconds. Ever so slowly closing the gap on Mike. I don't he was expecting me behind him. 6th mile: 5:07 (31:58). The final mile was part pavement and dirt/grass. The last .2 was on the track. Mike still had a solid 2-4 seconds on me and I wasn't sure if I wanted to close up the race. With about 200 meters to go, I made one last move and never looked back. 32:56 for the finish and 1st. Boom! Closed up the .2 in 58 seconds, cool!

Into the gym to throw on some warm clothes and cool down with a bunch of the guys. 2.5 miles (19:12). 11.5 on the day. Back into the gym for the awards ceremony and tons of free food. Stocked up on snacks and Cokes. $100 for 1st, a sweet red hat, and a red long sleeve for a Sunday morning. Can't complain.

Back to the apartment to have a protein shake and watch television. Year One on FX.

Gym at 4pm. Lots of abs and lifting. I felt like I was gonna blow chunks during the lifting because we did so many abs. The good thing is it prevented me from buying too much food at Da Choppa. Major grocery shopping was a success except that didn't have my orange juice (Simply Orange High Pulp), so I had to settle with pulp free. Gross.

Back to the apartment to make a big batch burrito mix combing the leftovers from the other night. The result: a huge heaping pile of burrito mix on a plate with a Cherry Coke. Mmmm. Hot Tub Time Machine for the first time. Hilarious movie.

Bed by 11pm.

11.5 miles + lifting for a productive day. 51 miles on the week. Solid week with a couple hard efforts to get the legs back underneath me. Stockadeathon 15k next Sunday. Should be a fun one.

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