New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Regionals @ Westfield

November 10th: 7:45am wakeup. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Woke up to a fairly deflated mattress in the middle of the night and moved over the single bed with Kimber. Basically all this means is a bad night sleep. Drove Kimber to Starbucks to grab a coffee since Goupil and I don't drink coffee. Nick Webster drove over to the apartment so we could all carpool to New England Regionals at Westfield State College.

Drove down at 9am to make it down there in time for the men's race. $5 dollar donation at the church parking was non-optional. Hmm. So it should of advertised $5 dollar fee. Spectated by running around to see them at all different points. Great race by the guys. Watched the women's race and saw Maggie Fitter kill it for the Keene State women. Said our goodbyes and off back to Clifton Park.

Stopped off at the Lee Premium Outlets for some premium deals. Nike Outlet immediately with major clearance. 30-40% off. Ca-chang! Picked up a pair of running shorts (legit ones) for $6 bucks. A dri-fit tee for $11 bucks. A sweet lightweight pullover jacket for $30 bucks (originally $50). The best purchase of them all was a pair of Lunarfly 2 Breathes for $22 bucks. Yes, I said $22 bucks. New gym shoes.

Back to Clifton Park to relax and head out for an easy run. 3 miles with Kimber. Back to stretch, foam roll and no desire to make dinner. Out to Bellini's for dinner. We didn't have a reservation so we were originally seated right at the front of the restaurant next to a door to the outside with a cold draft. 30 seconds later, the hostess let us know a booth opened up in the main restaurant. Probably the best seat in the house. Above everybody and out of the way of traffic. Sweetness. Delicious bread with olive oil and herbs. Chicken Parmigiana. Huge serving. Full quickly. Not too full for dessert. Big ole piece of chocolate cake with a hazelnut layer. Mmm.

Over to Da Choppa for ingredients for chili. Made chili with Kimber and bed soon after.

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