New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 12th - November 18th (2 mile TT)

November 12th: 5 miles (35:11). Received my Wrightsock shipment from the sales rep. Unfortunately, they sent me the wrong socks. 3 grey pairs and 9 white pairs (supposed to 9 black pairs). I felt bad because I let the lady know I don't wear white socks. The shipment papers said grey and black. Oh well.

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Leftover chicken parm from Saturday's night out at Bellini's
Dinner: More leftovers (Kimber's chicken a la vodka sauce) and a protein shake

November 13th: 8 miles (51 + strides). My mom sent me a phone car mount for my iPhone. Sweetness. I used it in the kitchen and on my night stand that night to test it out before placing it in my car. As well as this, I received my check from the Hartford Marathon. Coolio. 4 days since my last lifting session. A small shock to the body, but it felt good. Benched 115 pounds 5 times. I am shooting for my body weight (135 x10) by the spring time.

Breakfast: Cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats)
Lunch: Chili (2nd serving) with cheddar cheese
Dinner: Protein shake.

November 14th: 8 miles (59:xx) down at Albany. Warmup with the guys, 15+ minutes on the track, cooldown with the guys.

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Chili (3rd serving)
Dinner: 5 Guys. TCBY.

November 15th: 8 miles (59 with strides towards the end). Today's run felt smooth and the strides felt great. Felt strong and things are clicking back into position. Another lifting session. No shower before bed because I'm gross.

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Chili (what a surprise 4th serving and finished off the slow cooker pot).
Dinner: Protein shake because I'm lazy.

November 16th: 5 miles in the AM (39:03). Short day at work. Home after work to wash some dishes and pack up to head to my sister Sarah's house. 8pm arrival. Ordered out and watched a movie. Classic catch up on the latest songs dance party.

Breakfast: Cereal.
Lunch: Double decker PB&J.
Dinner: Cajun Steak Bomb and jalenpeƱo poppers with cream cheese filling.

November 17th: 3++ miles (24:25) in the AM. 9 miles total in the PM. 2 mile time trial in the hood of Leominster. 10:02 (77, 74, 73, 75, 73, 76, 76, 75). Solid day. Along with the smooth running, I purchased my suit for my sister's wedding on December 8th in San Francisco, CA. Rich from Macy's truly helped me out with 25% off and Kimber opened a Macy's card to snatch another 15% off. $186 for a 2 piece suit and shirt. Boom!

Breakfast: Eggs with onions and ham.
Lunch: Nothing
Dinner: Spinach ravioli with homemade sauce and potato gnocchi, side salad.

November 18th: 13 miles on the day divided into 3 runs. 5 mile pacer for Sarah (36:25). 3.5+ miles (26+) to Planet Fitness. 3.5+ miles (26+) back to the house from Planet Fitness. 1pm race made for a weird day, but lots of eating.

Breakfast: Omelettes and toast
Lunch: Half of a turkey sandwich after the race. Banana. Garlic bread. Protein shake.
Dinner: Salad, pasta, and chicken. Banana bread pudding for dessert.

59 miles for the week with some promising runs and a confidence booster with the 2 mile TT. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving weekend.

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