New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, January 30, 2012

Everyday Normal Guy

January 30th: 5am wakeup. Go Lean Crisp for breakfast. Leftover dinner from Saturday for lunch plus an apple, Greek yogurt, and Cape Cod crack pepper and salt potato chips. Out the door at 5:40. Took the road less traveled and made great time. Took exit 11 (instead of exit 12) and rode the backroads. Easy day at work 6am-3:00pm. I rocked cords and a long sleeve purple polo. I was surprised that I didn't get more comments from the workers in the subfab. Only one from a worker. "Why purple?" I responded with "Why yellow?" He came back with "It's a little (the hand gesture that insinuated homosexuality)." I ended the conversation with "Don't worry about it. I have a girlfriend and it isn't a coverup." Home to relax by doing some dishes and dropping the kids off at the pool (bathroom) before the run.

Goupil and I were out the door at 4:45pm to meet Derrick. Normal loop plus a bit to make it 9+ (65:30). Felt good after the big weekend of faster mileage. Back for stretching, foamrolling, showering and making a monster dinner (Check Facebook/Twitter). Bed early for another day except that it's my birthday tomorrow. Informal work gathering this Thursday right after work.

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