New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Switch It Up With A Workout

January 26th: 5am wakeup. Honey Bunches of Oats. Lunch already made from the night before. Just had to throw it in the bag. Bam! Got dressed. A light dusting of snow over the night hours so I had to clear off my car. I decided to be a nice roommate and clear off Goup's car. On the road at 5:37am (record, usually it's 5:40 or 5:41). Made it work with time to spare. Easy day at work except for my left pinky toe being in excruciating pain. I was sporting a pimp walk/gangsta lean through the subfab. Gave me some street cred and I got mad respect from the contract workers. AKA my fellow co-workers were questioning my strange walking style. Got through the day. Made it home by 3. Performed some major surgery on my blister and cleaned it out with some hydrogen peroxide. Ouchies!

Tossed a bandaid on it and headed out the door at 5pm. Warm up 20:39. 3x2 mile. Turned out to be about 35 seconds or a tenth mile short of 2 miles. Some major snowfall added a twist to the workout, but didn't phase us much. 11:17 (6:01, 5:16) 11:05 (5:15, 5:50) 11:00 (5:51, 5:09)
10:19 for a slow cooldown. 11+ on the day. Happy with the results. Goup had a solid workout as well. And no pain on the toe. It was a miracle!

Pasta and chicken for dinner. Bed. Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!

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