New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unscheduled Day Off

January 20th: 5am wake up. Finished off the box of Go Lean Crunch. Made a decent lunch and headed out for work at 5:45am. Lunch made the day because I actually packed a tupperware of yogurt and a seperate one of granola AND a banana. Mixed those up, bam! A little overtime this week with Friday being the main reason with an extra hour of work. Typed up my weekly report to help our project administrator, Alyssa, with some of the overwhelming workload especially at the end of the day. Made it home by 4. Goupil home at 4:30. There was an informal work gathering at the bar and reestaurant, Peddlers, to celebrate a couple birthdays.

Goupil and I were going to attempt to double up on the runs in the afternoon, but decided to just run after the shindig. Plans slowly went into flames as we arrived at 5ish and others arrived after us. It was originally supposed to be from 4:30 to 6:30. Turned into staying until 10pm for multiple reasons. Some of the contributing factors were ordering more beers, ordering food at different times, and delightful conversation. The main one was the waitress messing up the bill to the nth degree. Our boss left early and paid for a portion of the bill. The waitress was going to take the amount off at the end of the night. They didn't happen and almost everyone was paying for their meal and all their drinks. After a couple of the guys had an hour+ debate with the waitress and the manager in the backroom, it was basically resolved. We left, sat on the couch for a bit before conking out.

Day off. I didn't mind after a long week of work. Big weekend of mileage ahead, plus a local 15k in Albany because I decided not to head home with the weather possibly complicating the trip home to Connecticut.

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