New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Double

January 28th: 7am wakeup. Finished off the box of Honey Bunches of Oats. Relaxed on the couch for a couple hours before heading out for an easy morning run. Out and back 5+ (36:30). Beautiful out this morning.  Whey protein shake for post run recovery. 

I decided to do some research on laundry in the area. I found two places in Clifton Park. I made a few phone calls to check prices for each laundromat (Yeah, I did). One was $1.35 per pound for the washer and dryer. I was thinking, "Dang, that's gonna be expensive!" I only do laundry when I have a ton (not literally) of it. Called the second place and I couldn't argue the prices. Three sizes of washers ($1.25, $2.00, $3.00) and a quarter for every 8 minutes to dry. Pow! Though, I still checked out both laundromats in person to see which one I got better vibes from (aka wifi availability). Neither advertised. Hit up the laundromat with cheaper prices with my running clothes. Two loads down. Oh, and it had wifi! Total score!

Relaxed the rest of the day by grocery shopping (veggies, cereal, milk, OJ, and other essential items), running a second time, and tidying up my apartment for my mom. 

Second run was a bit faster than expected. Can't complain. Felt pretty smooth. 10 miles (61:24). 32 flat for the first 5 and 29:24 for the 2nd half. It was a fun solo run. I could just go. 10 mile "race" or tempo run in Albany next Sunday. Winter series from last week (15k). 

Out to dinner with my mom for a pre-birthday dinner. Long run of 15 tomorrow at some point after my mom departs in the mid-morning.

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