New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Week Down

January 29th: 8:30am wakeup. Sleeping in felt amazing. Chilled out in the morning and conversed with my mom about my job/life for a couple hours. Whipped up a tomato and cheese omelette for her breakfast. I just had a mini cinnamon and raisin bagel with cream cheese. My mom packed up and headed out around 12:30pm. 

Out for a longish run at 1ish. Mapped out a route prior to departure. Turned out to be a fairly secluded run and nice weather. All dogs were either compliant with me or behind fences. Allowed me to just cruise through the miles. 13.4 miles (1:27:28). Just clipping off the pace every 3-4 miles. First 3 was 6:54/mile and the last 3.4 in 6:13/mile. Overall 6:31 pace. This happens when I run by myself. Solid weekend of training and 75 miles for the week. Rest of the day was a whole lot of nothing. 

Upcoming week will consist of no workouts and maybe a day off. Oh and I got into a bit of a cleaning frenzy. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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