New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Race Report? I guess so.

January 22nd: Race in CT was cancelled due to icy roads. 15k in Albany was a low key one with a $5 entry and not a crazy amount of competition. Goupil did the 30k and there was a 5k as well. Bowl of a single packet of instant oatmeal. Race started at 10am. Arrived at 9am. Warmed up just short of 4 miles at 9:10am. Threw on the Katana Racers for some weight reduction. With the temperature starting in the teens, I rocked half tights, a t-shirt with a light pullover, gloves and the Nike featherlight cap (no ear coverage). No big deal. Everyone else had full tights, winter hats, full head covers and other nonsense. We all started at the same time. 5k to the right at the fork and the 15k/30k to the left at the fork. Ran with an ARE (Albany Running Exchange) guy for most of it. Made a small move at 3.5 miles, but it was covered quickly. Made another much stronger move at probably 10k (not really sure because I don't wear watches and no mile markers). Dropped the pace down to 5 flats (according to the ARE guy's Garmin). Then things got messy. Missed a turn for the finish and went out for a loop of the 30k course. Ended up running 51:30 for 15k (5:24 pace, split from the Garmin watch) and a 5k cooldown back to the finish the the ARE guy at around 19+ minutes. Finished at 12.4 miles in sub 71. 5:45s or so. Not real mad that we missed the turn, but my legs went from feeling good to major soreness when I realized I was running more than a 15k. A little less than 2 mile cooldown afterwards. Waited for Goupil to finish and headed home.

Relaxed all day. Ate a bag of beef jerky, yogurt with granola, finished off my box of black licorice and a banana. Shake out at 5:30pm of 3 miles slow. Call it 20+ for the day and 70+ for the week. Solid week with a day off.


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