New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Basics

Back on board with the blog and the running. Post marathon recovery went well after the sub 2:40 finish at the Smutty Rockfest Marathon. Ran a few races at the end of October through Thanksgiving. Not where I wanted to be with my fitness so I took off the month of December from racing and came back with a BU mini meet on New Years Eve. 9:00 3k and a 2:02 (negative split) 800. Content with results, but got some work to do. Moved up to Ballston Spa, NY for a contract safety job with Colden Corporation. Jeff Goupil got me the job and I am now his roommate in Clifton Park.

Last 6 weeks have been 58, 54, 68, 65, 69, 60 with a 10k race in Norwalk (31:48 for the win).

This week so far.

January 9th: 10+ (76:33) 1st day of work
January 10th: 10 (71:57)
January 11th: 9+ workout with the Albany team at 6pm. 10 x short hills.

I'll get into more detail on a daily basis, but just had to get that first post back after so long. Until tomorrow!

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